The best education for your child

An education that fits the child, not a child that has to fit the education/curriculum. All children are unique and we design a timetable that suits their needs and aspirations.

Our initial focus is on our children’s sensory needs first and foremost. Once they are able to regulate their emotions and manage their sensory needs – be calm, pay attention and respond calmly and attentively. Only with this solid foundation, can children gain social skills, understand the basis of their challenges be it ld or autism, and build self-esteem.

We use Sensory Integration, as well as physiotherapy, play via sport, occupational therapist and speech and language therapists as required.

We teach life and independence skills through whichever method children are tuned into. It could be via play, art-therapy, water-therapy, equine therapy, the care farm or the forest school or even just messy play.


As long as it makes an impact.

A group of four children in the autumn f

Forest School

“I don’t have autism when I’m in the woods” David, 14

Forest schools are nothing short of inspirational for young children.

They allow them the freedom and rebuilding of confidence by doing activities around nature, away from the often, urban, challenges of their backgrounds.

Forest schools are not a one off, they are a long-term process. Children spend nearly a whole day, every week outdoors and inspired.

Students take part in a variety of activities including den building, outdoor cooking, fire lighting, tree climbing etc.

Care Farm

“nature, animal caring and fresh air and I feel alive”

All children spend one day a week working on a local, partner built ‘care’ farm. Working with animals and nature promotes well-being, working together and caring for animals. Our care farm is built to enable children to be calm,  as independent as possible and rebuild self-confidence.

Children Playing

Physical Activity

“ being active, moves the body and the mind”


It is widely accepted that good, regular physical activity is essential to positive behaviour. This is promoted through a wide range of sports and team/confidence building skills and activities every day. Physical well-being is also based on eating well. All children’s diets are carefully created to ensure optimum wellness